The British Sheep Dairying Association was founded by Olivia Mills in 1983 because of the increasing interest within the UK both in sheep dairying and its products.

The BSDA’s goals are to promote the production, manufacture, marketing and consumption of quality dairy products derived exclusively from sheep milk in the UK.


A particular interest of the Association is to encourage Young Farmers to embark on this new form of dairying and processing.


The Association is the negotiating body for new legislation concerning sheep dairying within the UK.


The Association also arranges study tours to see other sheep dairying enterprises both in the UK and abroad which, in the past, has saved members a great deal of unnecessary expense in setting up and has gained them invaluable experience.


The main activities of the Association are:


  • To promote the milking of dairy ewes in the UK.


  • To provide help and advice to all prospective sheep dairy farmers and processors of sheep milk.


  • To set a standard of excellence for all products marketed, by encouraging its members to maintain a high standard of hygiene and quality in all aspects of sheep dairying.


  • To create and maintain a register of dairy sheep flock owners involved in the production of sheep milk products.