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How much does it cost to set up?

Who would buy the milk?

What price the milk is per litre?

How many sheep you would need to milk to make it viable?

How much grazing you would need?

What are the best breed?

Where do I find suppliers for equipment?

What's the advantage of sheep milk?

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We have two groups of theaves born in February and September 2018.
They are bred from ewes of a long-established closed dairy flock and all are ready for the tup now.
Please contact:
Stephen 07881 963 405
George 07541 440 139
Email info@berkswellcheese.com


FOR SALE - 350 litre cheese vat

The dimensions are internal, 70cm wide x 120cm long, 56cm deep at the plug end and 47cm deep at the far end with sloping base.  External measurements are 79cm wide, 102cm high from the floor and 160cm long.  Price is £4000+vat, so £4800 total

It was bespoke made and has an automatic thermometer so it will cut out when a certain temperature is reached and we set it from 30C to 63C – I think it will go lower/higher but not sure of its full range. It is a jacketed vat.  It is working perfectly, but there is a little wear on the wire to the thermometer. The lid is split and it comes with a manual stirring paddle. 

Please contact: Elly Chalmers
T : 01485 578 393  E : info@birchamwindmill.co.uk

Our members often have sheep for sale, please check our social media for more ads.
Ewe too can advertise on our website!
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BSDA Chairman: Matt van der Borgh

BSDA Treasurer: Kiley Threadgold

BSDA Secretary: Becky van der Borgh

Committee Members:  Mark Hardy,
Phil Keen, Stephen Fletcher,
Simon Stott, Yoav Alony-Gilboa and Paul Mardell.

Please get in touch if you would like to join the committee.

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